Tuesday, 9 December 2014

An Organised Camper Trailer

I am over the top organised, and that makes my life better.

I have hunted Pinterest and blogs looking for the best way to organise our Camper Trailer, taking small spaces and ensuring that we have everything we need. I have a dream that we can decide to go camping, throw clothes in a bag and leave - no stress. To do that I needed organisation and systems!

None of what I have come up with is original, I have taken bits from here and there and created something that works for me, maybe some of it will work for you.

FIRST I created lists - cause I am a list sort of person. These are saved in an excel document on my computer, I also print them and put them in a ziplock bag on the inside of the corresponding box. The real benefit of this comes into play when you are re-stocking.

SECOND I found out how much space I had, including the size of boxes. A tip here is to invest in good quality, strong boxes, with lids. We are using cheap ones at the moment (left over from a project we were working on) and breaking/smashing at least one a trip!

THIRD Pack everything. Stick to the list and the size of boxes and you will have no issues!

FOURTH Have last minute lists and a last minute box to just throw things into in the last day or so - this will save you unpacking and repacking the camper trailer. This graph includes a list I use on my last night camping before returning home, this helps to get ready for the next trip with little pain.

I hope you find some tips in here to help you with lowering the stress of your travels! Maybe you could share some of your packing hints and tips below?