Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Forced Unplugging

Day 3 of the longest (in distance & length of time) camping trip I have ever been on – and certainly the longest period of time we have ever been ‘away’ from our business location. But it is only day 3, no time to worry about that yet.

The Sapphire coast (as I have discovered it is called) is a place that I have travelled through and also spent some time when I was younger. I have fond memories of spending time with my family here and also our friends. It is lovely to be back in this part of Australia, another un-commercialised and remote part that is so easy to get to.

We are camping at Gillard’s Beach, a few people around but not too many. The pit toilet has been flooded and it is unhygienic! It is one of the debates that we have not been able to settle – the best method of toileting.

Our neighbours here are kangaroos, wallabies and those gorgeous little wrens that seem to be everywhere you go. As seems to be the practice with camp ground kangaroos they just go about their grazing around you, most inconvenienced by the fact you have pitched your campsite where they would normally eat and rest. The wallabies are super friendly venturing close (very close) to us, seemingly in search of a sausage. Miss S has even been telling one of them all about Frozen (Mum the Wallaby knows all about Frozen!).

The best part of this campsite is no internet,  no phone, no distractions from the outside world. This is unplugging at its best. Where you do not need to have any level of strength to not just check Facebook or your e-mails or answer that call-you can’t there is no coverage. You can-not be reached.

Not having reception used to really annoy me, how was I to survive without my hourly dose of Facebook. What if I missed an e-mail that was really important or a client wanting something done. 

What if I missed a phonecall that I really needed to take. What if....well guess what I am not a super hero and by becoming unplugged for a couple of days will not cause the world to stop turning. Accepting that realisation has been difficult.

I am not looking forward to arriving ‘back in reception’ tomorrow and having to go through 2 days of emails and phonecalls-but an hour or so while in the car driving and I am positive it will all be sorted. 

It is really a small price to pay for a piece of paradise, a pristine beach and time out with my family and for myself.

Even when you take your business with you on the road it is still important to have ‘rest’ days.