Thursday, 6 November 2014

The start of the journey

It is Saturday of the Melbourne Cup long weekend 2014. We are camping in the Barmah National Park – just outside of Echuca. It has been raining this morning, but the sun is trying hard to break through the clouds and warm us. The wind blows but that is OK we are sheltered in the annex of the camper trailer and Sophie is playing with her toys on the floor of her ‘bedroom’. The firewood is stacked ready for a fire later tonight (marshmallows on the ready). We have a walk planned when Miss S gets ‘bored’.

I have checked e-mails, and returned a call to somebody who wants to ‘get their Christmas cards organised’. Life is good. We have been working towards this moment – where we can travel, run our business and spend quality family time together.

It is beautiful here. We are on the banks of one of the arms of the Murray River, a family of pelicans inhabit the shore along with frogs and other bird life. The river gums are tall and the bush seems to go on forever, giving you the secluded feeling. The wind in the trees, the sound of birds, kids playing, a guitar being played and Craig’s music – it is serene and what an office!

It is only our second trip away in our camper trailer, the first to Yambak Lake was absolutely for rest and relaxation. It seems fitting to ‘birth’ the new blog on this trip, the blog about making our dream a reality and sharing that journey.

I have been very lucky, even as a child we travelled and saw different parts of Australia. I took my first overseas trip at 15 to Japan as an exchange student for 2 weeks. A trip at 21 to Thailand was quickly followed by a month in the UK and after a feeling of not wanting to leave, a ‘working holiday’ visa ensued that saw adventures in the UK (mostly Scotland) and a 4 month solo voyage through  Europe – I was a traveller.

Depression, a mortgage, boyfriend, business and child put a (temporary) end to my international travels. Purchasing our camper trailer this year (instead of a trip to Thailand or Bali) has reignited that inner traveller. It has also been the final step in our ‘planning’ and ‘talking’ about creating a business that does not rely on us to be geographically based somewhere. To become ‘Digital Nomads.’

Craig has also travelled – all over the world when he was 4 and 5 – his story is for him to tell – albeit to say that he has travelling and camping in his blood also, and makes a very useful (and fun) companion. Our daughter has no hope really-she will grow up loving the great outdoors and travelling or hating it-for now she gets ‘so excited’.

So, our business – Visionary, is largely a consultancy, our slogan says we ‘Create and Market Online Business’. We also have many other services that we provide – all we require is internet to fulfil them all. And that is the way we have evolved the business.  We can and do conduct all of our business online or via phone – and providing Telstra can continue to support our telecommunication needs that is all we require.

And so begins our journey to becoming ‘Travelling Enterprisers’. This is the beginning of something we hope is very exciting and inspiring. And so births this blog – with the purpose of telling this story and chapter of our lives.