Sunday, 16 October 2016

Relax, unwind and do nothing at Tooleybuc!

We free camped on the opposite side of the river from the town – allows dogs – expect nothing except space, and plenty of it (and we were there Oz Day weekend). Toilets are a short drive over the bridge so do not despair – as was a playground – club, pub, general store and post office.

Tooleybuc has a population of 250 in the township, and services the surrounding area of 5000. Industry is cereal crops and orchards (plenty of places to get fresh seasonal fruit after you leave Swan Hill). Wineries a-plenty and ‘boutique tourism operations’ who maybe should promote themselves as we found none of them???

The river was refreshing for a dip (once you got through the Murray mud). We saw (and felt) plenty of fish, and there was plenty of fisher-people on the banks and in boats looking for them.

We took a drive to Kyalite – consisting of a pub and caravan park a fishing and boating destination – again with free camping on the other side of the river from the town. This looks nice, but if you don’t fish not much to do.

Lucky Phil at the general store, was probably nicer to locals. The hotel served nice food, but took forever (we had takeaway). The township itself is beautiful. Great park and play area for the kidlets (mine wouldn’t leave), walkways winding around the river, picnic areas, boat ramp and clean toilets.

The gardens in the township showed that the community took great pride in their town – and plenty of people stopped on their way through to use the toilets, play in the playground and have a picnic.

To us Tooleybuc was a great getaway – we stayed for 3 nights and had 2 full days exploring. We relaxed and recharged after a busy end of year and Christmas period – ready to start our 2016 energised. You may find it a useful stopover to another destination.

This is our second time camping on the Murray and we have always found it quiet, peaceful and recharging – probably the effect of consistently flowing water.