Saturday, 30 January 2016

Shh Don't Tell Anyone About This Spot

It is rare to find a camp site that is cheap, great, close to the beach, not packed and doesn’t take days to get to. And yet between Christmas and New Year we have found one such campsite and it was only 3 hours drive from home (Ballarat).

We hesitantly share this spot with you – as you know when you find a hidden gem you don’t share it, because then it gets ruined when all the crowds go. We share it in the hope that you will also enjoy and respect it as those who camp there now do.

The locals now about this little spot, bringing their families out from Mt Gambier to enjoy one of the nicest beaches in SA and cheapest camp ground around.

The Australian coastline is dotted with fishing villages. Some have expanded and grown particularly thanks to tourism, some haven’t. Carpenters Rocks is one of those places that still is a fishing village. It has a General Store (very general-not much that this shop does not have including a laid back attitude), a Tavern, shacks and fishing fleet to match. The local Progress Association have created a community hall complete with tennis court, playground, BBQ, toilet and large campground with ‘100 sites’.

Camp fees are by donation at the general store – they ask a minimum of $5 per night. There is no power. We saw a snake. There is plenty of space and dogs are allowed (horses too!) The beach is a 5-minute walk across the road. There is a toilet that flushes. Good strength 3G.

There is walking tracks, 4wd’ing, fishing, swimming, boating and well a whole heap of relaxing to do!

A word of warning the toilet gets cleaned every few days – I wouldn’t like to see it if the campground was full. It naturally ran out of paper (but prepared campers have their own right?). Additionally, the lock didn’t work when we were there – so you get to ‘meet your neighbours’.

Port Macdonnell is a short drive away and Mt Gambier is not far away either if you feel the need for a change of scenery or to replenish supplies.

We spent 3 nights at Carpenters Rocks which gave us an opportunity to explore the area and see the comings and goings of the camp ground. Most people came and went in 1 night. Many were groups from Mt Gambier. Noise was a minimum, no late nights and no early mornings. Everyone was considerate of other campers – just as it should be. Apart from the horse (and rabbit) poo there was no evidence of any other animals. There was  no rubbish around, bins were supplied.

This is a great campsite for short or long trips!

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